vertbaudet haul!

vertbaudet haul!

Yesterday my order from Vertbaudet arrived and it was AWESOME. The changing bag (top of picture) is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. This is the one that is free with the code 4773. It’s a good size with two separate compartments inside. I hate carrying too much stuff so a bag this size is perfect for me – it is smaller than other changing bags though and probably if you have multiple children it wouldn’t be big enough. But it has easily fitted all the things I am taking with me for when Bellydweller makes his appearance – wipes, nappies, cotton wool, a few outfits, blanket etc, plus the changing mat that came with it. It’s also wipe clean (made of PVC type material) and has both carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

I chose the sleep sack and the T-shirts just for cuteness, the sleep sack is very soft and ties together at the side rather than zipping up or buttoning. It also has a stretchy pouch bit at the back so you can take it off the baby’s legs for easy changing without having to get them out of the entire thing which I thought was super cool.

Also with my order for some reason I got a free T-shirt for me! I have no idea why and didn’t know I’d be getting it. Strangely they have sent me a size 22-24 which is quite ridiculously too big, however I have to admit it’s pretty comfy and it’s nice to swim around in a shirt once in a while when you don’t feel like being a real person. I’m pretty sure it’ll be coming with me to labour in because it also has a nice wide neck and is very lightweight jersey fabric.

They sent me their catalogue which is terrible because now I want everything in it. Giraffe curtains! With pockets! I also really wish I knew people who were having babies because there is a referral offer with an option for a REALLY cute breakfast set which I want. But none of my friends are pregnant or would be interested at all, so that stinks. Maybe I can bribe a stranger.

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