eBay is amazing and I love crochet

Dwellstudio Baby Bouncer

I like to think I’m inspiring excellent taste in my baby.

I like most of my things to be stylish, but also have basically no money so am required to forego most of the shiny-beautiful prints, sleek minimalism and ultra-modern designed baby stuff that actually appeals to me in favour of whatever is cheap. However I am at least attempting to cling on to my own aesthetic style in most of the things I’m buying, and prevent my house from becoming a complete clone of the Early Learning Centre. I’ve been extremely picky on clothes so far and have all but eliminated most shades of pastel blue and things with tractors on (this is honestly something I’ve never understood… do we have a shortage of competent farmers and so feel the need to raise an entire generation of them? WHY do small boys love tractors so much? Am I going to be seriously depriving my child through lack of tractor provision? I wish I knew). I’m at least attempting coordinating colours and nothing overwhelmingly gendered. That last is not because I have some moral objection to telling a child what sex they are and therefore what gender they’ll be considered unless they express a contrasting preference, but partly because most of the ‘boy’ aimed clothes and toys just don’t appeal to me, and partly because until Bellydweller decides to grace us with his presences I can’t be 100% certain he will be a ‘him’ at all. Two sonographers agreed that he was and so do I, unless it’s a girl with a tail, but you never can tell.

Anyway, the point is, I was having difficulties finding a bouncy chair thingy which met my ridiculous criteria and was also affordable. I was on the verge of throwing it all in and spending £150 on one of those mental swingy super ones. Then I found this one on eBay, second hand, for £15.99, being sold by a couple who live in a city about 30 minutes away. I’ll admit right now I barely looked at the reviews because I liked the look of it so much. I did check them out a tiny bit and by all accounts it’s a perfectly adequate bouncer and a whole bunch of people were thrilled with it even though it cost them £70, so I figured I can’t go far wrong if I’m paying less than a quarter of that, and I bought it. It’s been used for 2 children, but you wouldn’t know it – the cover is removable and washable and it’s clearly been looked after. It has an mp3 docking station which I doubt I’ll ever use, but it’s a nice feature. It also vibrates. I am super happy and I love eBay so much.

Owlbear! (I really hope the owl is the same size as the baby's head)

Owlbear! (I really hope the owl is the same size as the baby’s head)

In other news, I’ve been teaching myself to crochet. My first, rather terrible, project was a small baby blanket which ended up a lot smaller than intended (despite using 3 whole balls of wool) and also only used one stitch which was somewhat unsuitable. That took me over a month to finish and to be honest I very almost gave up and never tried again.

In a moment of insanity I went and bought 3 large balls of brown and cream wool, plus 6 balls of bright green and purple wool because I decided I wanted to make a hat with bear ears and a blanket for myself. I started the blanket and had much more success. I think I liked the colours more this time and chose a stitch that worked up much quicker. I then took my brown wool and a vague idea of what I wanted the hat to look like to work with me, and made Baby Bear a hat with earflaps over the course of one 8-hour shift. It’s not perfect and I am apparently rubbish at following patterns – it came out of a combination of about 5 different patterns because I kept getting bored – but something has clicked, and now I Understand Crochet. I am possibly turning into a mad cat lady because all I can think about now is wool. I’m feeling a desperate urge to make a proliferation of rugs in different stripey patterns, so that my house will look like actual mad people live there. I don’t even care.