wrap review – babymoov

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try out a few different wraps/baby carriers – two I bought and two I was lent by my lovely sister who also wore her son for a bit. Now I actually have the baby to put in them I can give a few thoughts on them.

Babymoov Wrap

Ooh stylish.

Ooh stylish.

I bought my first wrap before Donny was born from eBay, for just under £20. It was second hand, but the seller had clearly opened the bag and put it all back in again without using it. On Amazon the same wrap seems to go for just under £40 but you could possibly find one cheaper elsewhere.

It’s 5m long and about half a meter wide in the middle (widest point), made of a very soft jersey-type fabric with a bit of stretch in it, and looks lovely. It comes with a matching carry bag and little baby hat for delicious co-ordination. It’s usable from birth to 18kgs/35lbs, so in theory you could still use this for a toddler, and made of 100% cotton. It comes with clear instructions on how to do a very different carries – front, cradle, hip, back, etc. I’ve only used the inward-facing front carry so far since Donny is still small but once he’s bigger I’m sure I’ll try the back and hip carries at least.

It’s super simple to tie – it seems a bit confusing at first but it really is so easy. The stripey design on one side means you can easily see if you’ve got the fabric twisted – the inside is also a different texture so again you can see. The instructions are slightly different to those on the Calin Bleu booklet but I actually prefer this method for a front carry since it feels more secure and it’s very easy to take the baby in and out. You tie the wrap around you before putting the baby in, so there’s no nonsense with trying to balance the baby on you while wrapping cloth around him, so it’s perfectly possible for me to get him in and out by myself. That’s a big bonus since it makes it very easy to carry him around the house when I’m on my own or to quickly get ourselves ready to go out.

I was surprised how secure it felt the first time I wore it. The baby’s legs can be tucked in when they’re little since newborns so love doing that curled up little hedgehog  position and they’ll stay put on your chest. I used it the first time the day after Don was born to go visit the paediatrician, and the crazy doctor was very excited to see me ‘doing the kangaroo’, which was cute.

I really love the way this kind of feels like you’re wearing a comfy t-shirt. In the hot weather it was a little bit much since it’s quite thick fabric and will wrap over your baby in several layers, but on cooler days it’s perfect because it keeps me warm as well. The stretch in the fabric does mean you have to tie it quite tight, probably tighter than you expect, but if you give it a few goes you get the hang of it really quickly. Don is always perfectly fine being hauled in and out – I put him in to go downstairs to the car, take him out to put him in his carseat, then in again when we get where we’re going, then out again if he needs feeding while we’re out. He tends to fall asleep as soon as his head gets on my chest and not wake up until he’s hungry.

Although I have seen jersey wraps for cheaper than this, I’m glad I went with this one because of the fabric quality and the design. The price listed on the Babymoov website is 60-70 €, which is about £48-55. I probably wouldn’t have paid that much, personally, but if you can find it for £25-35 that seems like a good deal to me.