free baby carrier!

free baby carrier!

I just ordered mine today so I can’t vouch for quality but it’s free so that’s pretty super.

empowered women looking at things off camera with their elbows the wrong way round!

Also available: empowered women looking at things off camera with their elbows on backwards!

Use the code FAMILY2014 at checkout to get a free baby sling, you just pay for the shipping. The patterns are beautiful and the sizing is pretty simple. I chose Autumn Blaze but it was actually a pretty tough choice. For shipping to the UK the total was £8.27. It’s pretty rare these offers are available for UK customers so I was really pleasantly surprised to find they do ship here. And now I’m really excited. Once Bellydweller is here I will post reviews of this and my Babymoov wrap (bought from eBay for £20).

The only experience I have with baby carriers is a Mothercare carrier I used to carry my niece in. It was HORRIBLE. My sister has given it to me now and just looking at it reminds me how yuck it was. I’ve since learnt it’s probably because it is a ‘crotch dangler’ and also has rubbish back support. I remember having her facing outward and wearing her for about 15 minutes before it was agony on my back, and thinking it must just be me being a weakling.

My other sister bought wraps for my nephew but didn’t use them for long. She had the long woven-type wraps for him to help with his hip dysplasia, but I don’t think ever really wore him outside the house much except when he was very tiny. I LOVE the idea of having my hands free and still being able to carry the Bear, and my experiments with tying the Babymoov wrap suggest it’s pretty easy to do (I was worried I wouldn’t ‘get’ how to do it but it’s so straightforward) so I’m really hoping we get along with it. I’d much rather have him in a wrap than a buggy, especially because our flat is on the second floor with no lift and I really, really don’t want to carry a buggy up that many stairs.