packing a hospital bag


I’m inordinately proud of this dragon.

Shit just got a bit more real for me because today, I packed my hospital bag. Holy balls it’s making me feel a little bit terrified just looking at it. But in another way a lot calmer since now I feel at least a little bit organised (even though I haven’t packed anything for the house move or even ordered a washing machine yet, our flat is sitting entirely empty and will be for at least another two weeks…)

First of all, I bought a pre-packed bag from eBay. I had been stressing about packing one because I realised I didn’t even have a suitable holdall type bag so would need to buy one. While looking around for a niceish cheapish bag, I found this seller who pretty much does all the work for you. Guys this bag is AWESOME. It cost me a total of £21.99 (£16 for the bag + contents, plus £5.99 postage). It came with a onesie (with a really nice Winnie the Pooh design), scratch mitts, socks and bib for Bellydweller, a pack of Johnson’s newborn baby wipes, a couple of newborn nappies, cotton balls, Q-tips, tissues, disposable breast pads, disposable sanitary pads (heavy duty ones), mini bottles of shampoo and shower gel, one of those shower body scrubby poof things, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush and hair tie, body spray/deodorant, notebook, pen and a printed birth plan checklist. See the listing for some more details – that is really bloody good.

I think it’s a pretty great idea to bring things like travel toothbrush/paste, mini hair brush etc, because knowing me I would probably leave my actual toothbrush behind and then not have a toothbrush and be really sad when I got home. All of the things are also separated out nicely in little plastic bags so your toothbrush doesn’t get furry and you don’t lose a bunch of Q-tips and tissues at the bottom.

I am almost wishing I had gone for the deluxe type bags this seller also does, it was a close thing but budget won out in the end and I wasn’t sure how good they would be, and decided against paying £30 just in case it was rubbish. I’m still really happy though. The bag is a lot smaller than one I probably would have bought for myself, but I’m actually glad about that, because seeing what I can fit into this one has shown me I would not have needed the extra space.

Things I Added Or Will Add When I Actually Leave

  • My own hair brush – I have ridiculous hair and I have an old hairbrush I don’t use as much, so I put that in there along with some extra scrunchies and a hair band. Because I have a lot of hair.
  • Body lotion, because I get dry skin and like to smell familiar.
  • Hand cream, my hands get dry and cracked easy and again I like to smell nice.
  • Several pairs of socks for me, including one big fuzzy pair that are sort of like slippers.
  • Underpants! I was thinking about buying disposable pants but I ended up just shoving in some old giant knickers I have lying around that I don’t mind ruining.
  • Tank tops, not specific nursing ones because I don’t have any, but just nice comfy tank tops that are easy to put on and easy to pull down for boob access.
  • A long jersey skirt with a big waistband, which will probably be part of my labouring or post-labouring outfit.
  • A loose black button-down shirt several sizes too big, for easy feeding and also super comfy laziness.
  • A pair of loose shorts (pyjama styley) for wandering around and not being totally naked.
  • Nursing bras
  • Makeup bag – I’ve packed a little bag with my ‘essentials’ so I can look like a normal human rather than an angry bear, just so my child’s first impressions of me aren’t completely hideous.
  • Water bottle (actually I will probably fill it with Vimto)
  • Snacks – I don’t know exactly what yet but probably crackers, peanuts and Skittles or something.
  • Peri bottle – my lovely sister is lending me her old one along with witch hazel to put in it.
  • Entertainment – my Kindle comes with me everywhere anyway, and I can read, play music, play audiobooks, or look at pictures so that will be nice.
  • Going-home outfit for Bellydweller – I’ll most likely bring at least one or two bodysuits/onesies and a hat or something.
  • My own notebook with things I like to write about in it.
  • Cheeky soft toy dragon I made which has a bell in it. Because you know. Cute.

I have found this bag has ample room for all this and more, which is really nice, and it’s pretty. It does have that new bag smell though, I’ll need to leave it in the bathroom so it absorbs the smell of my perfume and shower products.

Putting the clothes in really brought it home that theoretically, in 4 and a half weeks, I will be pushing a small person out of me. This is eliciting mixed feelings but they’re not all bad ones so that’s probably good I suppose.